This Saturday 12 April Jane McAdam Freud will be in conversation with BPF psychotherapist Robert Snell, art historian and author of the recently published book “Uncertainties, Mysteries, Doubts: Romanticism and the analytic attitude”. This event highlights the roots of psychoanalysis in everyday culture and in so doing marks the 75thanniversary ...   (Read More)
Jane McAdam Freud has been awarded the Trebbia European Award 2014, for Artistic Acheivement.   Trebbia is a European award born in the Prague Church of St. Roch as a natural historical intersection of nearly a thousand years of spiritual development at this site and positive relationships between patrons and creators of cultural ...   (Read More)
Giovanni Ozzola is participating in LANDSEASKY: Revisiting Spatiality in Video Art, a video art/moving image exhibition made up of an outstanding collection of Australian, Chinese and international artists, exploring video in very unusual and spatially aware ways.   The Shanghai chapter of the touring exhibition will be on public display at OCT ...   (Read More)
Saad Qureshi is participating in new exhibition Threads, opening 15 March at the Museum Arnhem, Netherlands. Threads will feature works from more than 20 international artists and designers in which the medium of thread or textiles play a prominent role. Their work can be seen as a metaphor for the ‘interweaving’ of artistry and craft; art ...   (Read More)
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