'You carried a local delicacy each time in your bag, some small chosen gift, a stone, an apple, flowers, a photograph, transported hundreds of miles, as if you could bring a bit of your earth to me with each meeting; as if, over the months, you would bring your place to mine, one handful at a time.’  Ann Michaels and John Berger, Railtracks (2011) In his inaugural solo exhibition other crescents other moons, Saad Qureshi takes the role of a story-teller, visually presenting and raising concepts that take us on our own path of discovery. He stands aside, observing the organic development of thoughts around the topics which the viewer is invited to explore – namely, the nature of perception and reality. The personal tales and abstract insights into one’s memory that Qureshi shares with his audience are completed according to the viewer’s own vision. Thus personalizing the visual representation, the viewer becomes an... (Read More)


This Catalogue accompanies the group exhibition, Let There Be Light, focusing on the works of Vittorio Corsini, Sydney Casselman, Sergio Calderon, UVA: United Visual Artists and Aaron Koblin. If you wish to purchase a copy please e-mail info@gazelliarthouse.com The phrase ‘Let there be Light’ is a biblical reference from Genesis 1:3 in which God removes darkness from the earth. For centuries it has been a motto of many universities and schools (advocating the dismissal of ignorance) as well as appearing in countless texts and novels as an appropriation for ‘truth’. This exhibition, however, will allow viewers to leave behind any historical or literary associations to consider purely light itself, and its immediate impact on our time and the space around us. The intent is not to strike a particular chord of meaning so as to paradoxically cage the interpretations of a light installation. The selected artists will... (Read More)


 On The Move explores the different attributes of the word 'movement' - both in its physical sense and, touching on present day's chosen and arguably preferred, way of life. In the constant search for home, our nomadic and fast-paced existence has proven to be the most efficient way of living but at the expense of losing touch with the delicacy and intimacy of life. Hyo Myoung Kim, Antony Hall, Charlotte Becket and Giovanni Ozzola merge the concept of movement with the requirement to slow down and see the works. These opposing concepts provide a magnetic visual effect inviting the audience to engage with the work without questioning the importance of time.          ... (Read More)
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